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Pyxis has the Behringer X32 in our rental stock
Are you in the Southern California area and looking to rent the Behringer X32 digital console?  Pyxis Industries, of Murrieta, CA has the Behringer X32 console as well as the Behringer Digital S16 snakes available for rent.  These consoles are also available for purchase from Pyxis Industries.  We offer anyone who would like to test the console out and then purchases a Behringer X32 console from Pyxis Industries a 50% credit on the rental towards the purchase of the console.

Console rental Rates:
Behringer X32 Console $150.00 Daily
Behringer S16 Digital Snake $50.00 Daily
Tour Grade CAT5E $12.50 Daily

For more information contact us at 951.526.1999 or 888-PYXISAV

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