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Pyxis finds your church's DNA
Is your church looking to install, purchase, or upgrade its video, lighting, or audio systems?  If the answer is YES, then look no further than Pyxis Industries, inc. located in Murrieta, CA.  Pyxis Industries is a full service company with its main focus on House of Worship Facilities.  With Pyxis having its main focus being House of Worship we take the time to learn about the dynamics and DNA of your church and your team.  We do not believe that church A/V/L is a cookie cutter design, and know that each church has its own DNA that we must match with the A/V/L systems.  In order to find this DNA we must make site visits and learn more about your church’s and teams DNA.  After the DNA of the church is discovered we can go to work on designing an A/V/L system to match the church’s and teams DNA.  After the sale we off full training on the installed systems and well as being there for the first services after the system is installed. Pyxis Industries your #1 choice for your Audio, Lighting, and Video Needs.

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