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Pyxis Industries adds MyMix Audio to the Mix (read full)
Are you looking for a personal monitoring solution for your church, band, or venue?  If you are take a look at the MyMix system and see what they have to offer.  Since Pyxis first saw this new system at a trade show it has been talked about in many meetings.  We finally got the chance to provide this system for a client and can not wait to get their reviews on the system in.

Best Foot Forward Dance Chooses Pyxis Industries (read full)
Pyxis Industries is once again set to rock the Bob Burton Center for the performing arts with Best Foot Forward Dance Studio based out of Escondido, CA.   Pyxis Industries owner Chad Costanzo has worked with Best Foot Forward and Miss Amy Page Eddo for over 10 years.  Pyxis industries provides the Lighting, Lighting Design, Sound Engineer and other support duties for this show.
This year Pyxis has started using Q-Lab and this year it was added to help run the show smoother.  Q-Lab is running the Audio, Video, & Slide Shows.  Q-Lab is being run off two Mac's with Midi Show Control controlling the second mac.
Pyxis Lighting Designer RJ Givens is at the helm of an impressive lighting rig controlled by the Avolites Pearl 2004 Lighting console.  Under the direction of Pyxis Owner Chad Costanzo.

Lighting Equipment Provided
2 Elation Power Spot 700 CMY II
8 Elation Design Spot 250
16 Elation Opti Tripar
4 American DJ Accu Spot 250
4 American DJ Sparkle LED
1 ETC Sensor Dimmer
24 Elation Opti Par
2 4 Lamps Par 46 ACL Bars
4 Show Solutions Truss Warmers
1 Avolites Pearl 2004 Lighting Console
1 EWDMX Wireless DMX

Video Equipment Provided
2 Sanyo PLC XT20 Projectors
1 InFocus IN5532 Projector

Other Equipment
Mac Computers
Truss and Rigging

Look for more information and pictures of this show coming soon.
Pyxis Industries your choice for Audio & Lighting (read full)
Are you planning an event? 
Do you need Stage Lighting and Audio? 
Do you want a company you can trust to make sure it treats your event like its their event?

If you answered YES to these questions then look no further than Pyxis Industrires, inc located in Murrieta, CA.  Pyxis Industries is a full service Sound, Lighting, Staging, Company.  We are fully insured and our workers are covered by workers compensation insurance to protect you our client. 

So if you are in the process of planning any type of event please give us a call and let our team assist you in making your event the best it can be

Pyxis Industries
toll free 888-PYXISAV
Pyxis Industries Audio System (read full)
Does your venue have a sound system that needs to be "Tuned Up"?
     If your system was installed by you or by a professional it may of never of been given a proper "Flat Response" system tuning.  If your system does not sound the best you think it could or spoken voice is not as clear as you would like let the professionals at Pyxis Industries tune your system and make it sound like a new system.

Was your Audio system installed without a system processor?
     If your system is just using an EQ and does not have a system processor there is alot a processor can do make your system sound even better than it ever has.  If you don't have a system processor let the professionals at Pyxis Industries install a processor and show you the true sound your speakers can deliver.  Once the processor has been installed we will Flat Response your system and you will walk away amazed.

Give Pyxis a call and let us provide you with a free analysis of your sound system or any other video or lighting systems you may have.

Pyxis Industries
Electro Voice Live X Speakers now Shipping (read full)
Are you looking for an excellent speaker at an even better price point????  If you answered yes to this question then look no further than the Electro Voice Live X Series of Passive and Powered Speakers.  These speakers as shipping are are available from Pyxis Industries.  To learn more about these or any other EV speaker please give us a call at 888-PYXISAV

Pyxis Industries uses Elation EWDMX Wireless DMX Solutions (read full)
Pyxis industries recently used the wireless DMX Solution offered by Elation Lighting.  The use of this wireless EWDMX solution was flawless and allowed us to cut down cable runs across the room and save time and energy.  Pyxis Industries looks forward to using this system on many more events.

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