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Pyxis Industries Audio System (read full)
Does your venue have a sound system that needs to be "Tuned Up"?
     If your system was installed by you or by a professional it may of never of been given a proper "Flat Response" system tuning.  If your system does not sound the best you think it could or spoken voice is not as clear as you would like let the professionals at Pyxis Industries tune your system and make it sound like a new system.

Was your Audio system installed without a system processor?
     If your system is just using an EQ and does not have a system processor there is alot a processor can do make your system sound even better than it ever has.  If you don't have a system processor let the professionals at Pyxis Industries install a processor and show you the true sound your speakers can deliver.  Once the processor has been installed we will Flat Response your system and you will walk away amazed.

Give Pyxis a call and let us provide you with a free analysis of your sound system or any other video or lighting systems you may have.

Pyxis Industries
Electro Voice Live X Speakers now Shipping (read full)
Are you looking for an excellent speaker at an even better price point????  If you answered yes to this question then look no further than the Electro Voice Live X Series of Passive and Powered Speakers.  These speakers as shipping are are available from Pyxis Industries.  To learn more about these or any other EV speaker please give us a call at 888-PYXISAV

Pyxis Industries uses Elation EWDMX Wireless DMX Solutions (read full)
Pyxis industries recently used the wireless DMX Solution offered by Elation Lighting.  The use of this wireless EWDMX solution was flawless and allowed us to cut down cable runs across the room and save time and energy.  Pyxis Industries looks forward to using this system on many more events.

Pyxis Industries gets Elation Power Spot 700 Moving Lights (read full)
Pyxis Industries is adding 2 Elation Power Spot 700 Moving Lights to its rental and production inventory.  Pyxis decided to go with the Elation Power Spot 700's due the feature set and price point of the fixtures.  We also have a current inventory of many Elation Lighting products and have had excellent reliability and service from them.  Inventory includes 10 Elation Design Spot 250 fixtures as well.  Look for these on our rental sheet and to be available on your next show.  If you interested in purchasing this or any other Elation Lighting product we are authorized dealers for them and many other manufactures.

Looking to buy some new Audio or Lighting equipment? (read full)
If you are in the market to buy some new audio or lighting equipment? 

 If you are and unsure of what you are looking for or that it will work for your particular need contact Pyxis industries and schedule a demo with us.  We can do a demo at our offices or at your location.  If we don't have what you are looking for in stock to demo we can usually get a piece of equipment from our direct manufacturer relationships for you to be able to demo.  This is just one of the many advantage of buying and system integration with Pyxis Industries.

Contact us @

Roland Systems Group Releases New Products (read full)
Pyxis Industries a factory direct dealer with Roland Systems Group and is excited about 2 new product releases with Roland. First there is the new Roland M-480 Digital mixer built on the success of their other digital consoles but offering more power and options.  Second is the release of the Roland R-1000 48 Track recorder.

Information on these products or any of the Roland Systems Groups products can be achieved by calling Pyxis Industries @ 888-PYXISAV.  From a single piece of equipment to an entire system we got you covered

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