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Pyxis adds Presonus 16.0.2 to our rental inventory (read full)
Pyxis industries is excited to add the Presonus 16.0.2 Digital Audio console to our rental inventory.  As well as being a dealer for all Presonus products we now have a StudioLive console in our rental inventory. 

You Can afford a MIDAS Digital Console (read full)

Midas Consoles – DID YOU KNOW????
Did you know that Midas Digital consoles are priced much different than you think? In fact Midas digital consoles often BEAT the competition on price and of course on performance….it's a MIDAS!!!

Did you know that a Midas Pro 1 Digital console starts at $9650 MAP

Did you know that a Midas Pro2c Digital console starts at $16,375 MAP

Did you know that a Midas Pro 2 Digital console starts at $22,295 MAP

Did you know that a Midas Pro 3 Digital console starts at $34,995 MAP

Did you know that a Midas Pro 6 Digital console starts at $45,393 MAP

Did you know that a Midas Pro 9 Digital console starts at $60, 393 MAP

Customers that inquire about Midas products are STUNNED when they find out they can get a MIDAS for the same, if not less cost than other digital consoles in the market. The growth and success of Midas Digital over the last few years has allowed for pricing to be MUCH MUCH lower than when the initial Midas digital offerings were introduced.

For the above prices you get superior sounding 96k/24bit, Linux based, networked audio systems for less cost than the traditional 48k, Windows based, non-networked mixers. This is the reason that the feature packed Pro Series of Midas consoles has blazed its way to one the top choices for digital mixing. Superior sounding solutions, affordable prices, and superb reliability…It’s a Midas.

For more info contact us at 951.526.1999 or 888-PYXISAV

Behringer X32 Audio Console (read full)
Pyxis Industries is your Authorized system integrator to install the NEW Behringer X32 Audio console in your Church, School, Event Venue, or just provide for your portable sound system.  This is an excellent console at an excellent price and when all the pieces are shipping the complete package will be a hard to beat system.  As well as installing these Pyxis is adding one to our rental inventory allowing it to be used on shows as well as demo it to customers.   This also shows the faith that Pyxis Industries has in Behringer and them creating a great digital console backed by a 3 year warranty.

Call us at 951.526.1999
Pyxis Industries teams up with Elite Screens (read full)
Pyxis Industries has added another vendor to our growing list of trusted vendors.  We use the gear we sell and to start this relationship with Elite Screens Pyxis has adder a pair of 16:9 180" Diagonal video screens with dress kits &  Front and rear screens to our rental/Production inventory.  We also will be able to offer the screens to our customers for sale as well as rental.

For more info visit Elite Screens or call Pyxis Industries @ 888-PYXISAV
Pyxis adds more Radial DI Boxes to the rental inventory! (read full)
Pyxis Industries along with being a Radial Engineering dealer, has a number of the Radial Direct Boxes in our rental inventory.  These units are a favorite pick of Pyxis Industries as they sound great as well as take the abuse of living in work boxes and going from show to show.  We have great trust in these DI's and know that the sound quality is going to be excellent.

Inventory Includes
• Pro DI
• Pro D2                                                            
• Pro AV2

Contact us @ 888-PYXISAV  if you have a need to purchase or to have us come provide Audio for your next show or event.
PRIMACOUSTIC is availible from Pyxis Industries, inc (read full)

Pyxis Industries is excited to be able to offer our customers the entire line of products from Primacoustic.  This addition to our offerings will allow us to offer acoustical treatments as an in-house Pyxis Industries offering instead of us out sourcing.  This will allow us to provide our level of service and save our customers money at the same time.

Contact us at 888-PYXISAV for more information

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