Services: Event Production

Pyxis Industries offers full event production services for audio, lighting, video, staging, trussing, labor & rigging. We will have all the bases covered from equipment, labor, trucking, and coordinating power with the venue or power provider.  Our staff is fully covered by Workmans Comp insurance as well as the company being fully insured.

We believe in quality.
We also believe in your event's success. It is absolutely pertinent to us that A/V/L (Audio/Video/Lighting) portion of your event goes and smoothly from setup to tear down which is why we have extensive in-house quality control. Our service professionals inspect and test each and every piece of gear before it leaves our facility and again when it comes back to ensure your event's success. This process ensures that the equipment we supply to you is in excellent condition and free of operational flaws resulting in a HASSLE FREE production for you.

What if you don't know exactly what you need for your event?
We have you covered! We strive to make sure you have the best possible rental experience you can get. At Pyxis industries it is standard procedure that our specialists work with you to design a complete system that suits your needs within your budget and ensures that all of your bases have been covered from A to Z.

Are you ready for a hassle free event?
We thought you might be. We offer skilled crew members that will take care of everything on the system end such as trucking, setup & tear down, system management & engineering, troubleshooting, rigging, and any other service we might need to provide with our systems. Sit back and let us do the work so you can enjoy you event and enjoy yourself.

Events we specialize in
Corporate Events
Trade Shows
Private Parties
Outdoor Events
Church Events
Pep Rallies
Pretty much any event you can dish out, we can deliver!
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